High quality

Unique pieces of design and own manufacture

Zero Waste

We work with reduced stocks that accompany our needs at the moment and with items made to order, which is one of the ways to reduce waste and our environmental impact.

All of our items are produced within our facilities, as such, we have control over all of your production steps.

Reinforcing our commitment to the planet with each collection, making the brand more ecological and sustainable, is more than a goal that has to be rooted in our way of doing things

People & Planet

We believe in sustainable fashion, in a world where the fashion market contributes to a planet in progress and with better working conditions.

​All of our production is local, a way of supporting the Portuguese production web and building an increasingly sustainable industrial project.

Sustainability results from the combination of small acts, which, together, have the capacity to turn conventional consumption into ethical and conscious consumption.

Taking care of the planet is taking care of people and our community.

our story

Com o passar do tempo e a evolução dos tempos, sentimos a necessidade de nos reinventar, de trabalhar com afinco para criar um novo conceito. Assim nasce a NIDI, uma marca 100% portuguesa, de design e manufatura própria. A NIDI aposta no design jovem e inovador, no detalhe e na qualidade, sempre com as últimas tendências em mente.